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A Brief Departure from Amos

Those who are acquainted with my family know that this week saw the arrival of a new grandson for me and my husband. In the face of this lovely child I am struck once again by something that is so very obvious, but bears remembering.

God's love is infinite. The birth of a child is proof. It may be cliche, but nonetheless true - because God is the author of all love, it knows how to expand. When something so miraculous as a baby emerges into our lives, the love we have doesn't have to subdivide to make room for someone new to love. Instead, it grows. This is a miracle and a beautiful thing. It is proof that God exists. If ever you wonder if God is real, or if He truly love you, make a list of all those people that you love and that love you. Did you ever love others less because a new child, grandchild, or friend comes into your life? Of course not. Your love expands because God makes it expand, sent to you from His infinite storehouse of love.

Back to Amos tomorrow.

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