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Judah Steps Up



Full Circle

Genesis 42:1-38
Over 20 years have passed since Joseph last laid eyes upon his brothers. If you’ve ever been estranged from a family member, you know, that is a long time. People change but we are always surprised that they do. Often they change in ways we never could have imagined. Thus we find Joseph and his brothers reunited with Joseph having changed to the point where he is completely unrecognizable to his brothers. The future they saw for Joseph the day they sold him to the Ishmaelites is very far from the reality that stands before them that day in Egypt.
Let’s look a few of the details of this story, for in those details we find the beauty of God’s plan. ~ Naturally, the famine would strike the people of Canaan. They do not live that far from Egypt. Famines were frequent during Biblical times and often affected the entire area. ~ Jacob is still playing favorites among his boys. Benjamin has replaced Joseph as the favored son. That dysfunction sti…

Joseph in Charge

Two Full Years