Genesis 24:28-67
Again, the reading is long enough that I won’t reproduce it here. Click the link below and read the rest of Isaac and Rebekah’s marriage story.

God has risen up a woman for Isaac and He has done a masterful job. She is perfect for him in every way. Eliezer has faithfully fulfilled the vow he made to Abraham to bring back a suitable wife for Isaac and this story has a “happily ever after” type of ending – well, almost. Once the kids come along for this couple … you’ll have to stick around for that story. Anyway, it is love at first sight for Isaac and Rebekah. God continues to work out His plans for His people.

As I was raising my daughters it was, on occasion, my dream to “arrange” marriages for them. As it turns out, it was a good thing that isn’t a part of our customs. They did a much better job than I would have in choosing their spouses. Instead, my husband and I wrote “waiting prayers” for each of them when they were born. We lifted them before God asking Him to also raise up the men they would someday marry to be godly, faithful men who loved the Lord and cherished them as wives. We wrote those prayers down and presented them to the girls on their wedding days. My husband actually read that prayer to the congregation at Hannah’s wedding. Needless to say, it was a moment. While we don’t arrange marriages in our culture, praying for our children is certainly never out of style. We all have hopes and dreams for the future of our kids and yet we sometimes forget to pray for them! Clearly, Eliezer prayed up a storm as he fulfilled his mission for Abraham. And we can most certainly believe that Abraham was praying as well as he sent his servant off to find this bride. Eliezer prayed, God provided, Eliezer worshipped. It’s a great little circle. Pray – watch God – thank Him. So simple.