Exodus 28:1-43

As God orders the worship lives of His people He also provides a human intercessor. The men He chose to stand between Him and the people were the descendants of the Tribe of Levi, beginning with Moses’ brother, Aaron, which means that Moses was also a descendant of Levi. This role was so important that it required special clothing so that when the High Priest stood before the people they would be reminded of the greatness of God. Each of the pieces worn by the High Priest brought the people closer to God.

The role of the High Priest was to perform the daily ritual sacrifices that God demanded. The sin of the people had to be dealt with in order for them to come before the Lord in worship. The application here comes immediately to the work of Jesus as our final High Priest. No longer do we need someone to stand between us and God, performing the daily sacrifices. Because of Jesus’ great sacrifice of Himself, no more animals need to cover up our sin with their blood. Instead the blood of Jesus forgives all of our sins and we are free to enter God’s presence covered in Jesus’ blood instead. The pathway to God is open forever for all who believe. This is why the curtain between us and God, found in the Holy of Holies was destroyed by God upon Jesus’ death.

All of these facts are known to us and you’ve probably already spent time thinking about this yourself. But when we read these words describing the garments worn by the High Priest we cannot help but see the scope of the whole story. God had all of this in mind as He outfits those who would work in The Tabernacle. God knew the final outcome of the death of His Son on the Cross and as we imagine these garments or see them constructed even today they remind us that Jesus has made the final sacrifice.