The Next Thing

If you've been following along since early July, you have now read the entire book of Amos! This is probably not one of the books of the Bible that you would typically spend much time with, as it can be dark and more than a little depressing. But I hope that in that reading you have come to appreciate the depth of God's Word as He addresses our lives right here and right now. Amos isn't just a book for the people who lived 1500 years ago. It is God's Word for us today as well. The advantage that we have is that we stand on the opposite side of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We know way more of the story than did Amos and the people of Israel. We know that God was indeed faithful to restoring the lives of believers in a way that even Amos could never have imagined. 

Having "studied" Amos over the last several week, now might be a great time to simply read the whole book in one sitting. It's only 9 chapters and now that you have examined some of it in detail, looking back at the whole might prove interesting. At the very least, you will be able to see both God's judgment over our sinfulness and His mercy that pours of every part of His being. On Monday we will take up something new. That has yet to be revealed. Maybe God will speak to me over the weekend and we'll have a fresh start on yet another fascinating book from God's Word.