Faithful Friends

1 Samuel 20You will have to look up this passage for yourself today, as it is fairly lengthy. If you want to read it online, you can go to this link.

Imagine your life if all the things you had known were no longer safe. Your home, your friends, even your family are sources of danger for you, because one madman wants you dead. David is now on the run and continues to live without a real home for over 10 years as he evades Saul and his murderous threats. On the lighter side, I have often thought of David’s life during this time as a sort of Robin Hood story. He and a bunch of his fighting men live in the wild and help people who need protection from those who would oppress them. For the rest of Saul’s life he pursues David to kill him and insure that the throne will never go to him. Along with fighting the Philistines Saul is obsessed with finding David. During this very troubling time, as David is forced to flee the court, we are treated to a story about faithful friendship. Jonathan remains ever faithful to David, even to the point of having his own life threatened by Saul. Never does Jonathan renege on his promises to David.

Jonathan sees David only one more time after this event. They do not get to spend their lives as best friends together into old age. And yet the text will prove that they remain faithful friends even despite their distance from one another. And so, today the question must be asked, who is your loyal and faithful friend in the Lord? And to whom are you such a friend? These friendships are not to be taken lightly, for in them God speaks to us, encourages us, holds us accountable, and strengthens us. A godly friend cannot be over appreciated! Are you a good, godly friend? Are you willing to have the difficult conversations or stick in there when times are tough? Are you only a taker in the friendship world or do you give as well? These are all questions we need to examine from time to time and adjust our thinking where we are coming up short. A great friend is a gift from God and should be treated as such!