In the Meantime

2 Kings 18:1-12

After generations of poor leadership, Judah finally gets a king who is worthy to lead God’s people. Hezekiah’s name goes down in Jewish history as a man of God who leads his people to faithful worship of the True God. If you would like more information regarding the reign of King Hezekiah, read 2 Chronicles 29-31. Chronicles 29-31

While the writer of Kings concentrates on the political events of Hezekiah’s reign, the author of Chronicles gives supplemental information as to Hezekiah’s continuing reformation. Hezekiah’s spiritual concern brought about a cleansing of the temple, thus undoing the evil deeds of Ahaz (2 Chronicles 29:3–19). This was followed by a reconstruction and rededication of the temple (2 Chronicles 29:20–36), accomplished with proper sacrifices (vv.20–24), with sincere worship (vv.25–30), and with glad service to God (vv.31–36). Hezekiah’s further reforms included the reinstitution of the Passover (2 Chron 30), an observation performed with careful forethought (vv.1–12) and in accordance with the divine command, tempered with mercy (vv.13–22) and with protracted festivity (vv.23–27). The author of Chronicles tells of still later iconoclastic purges in which all the people of Israel participated (2 Chronicles 31:1) and of Hezekiah’s further attention to spiritual details and provisions (2 Chronicles 31:2–19), closing with the notice that Hezekiah characteristically lived out his life in utter devotion to God and so was successful in all that he did (2 Chronicles 31:20–21).[1]
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Hezekiah’s story stands as a beacon of hope in a world where God seems to have been lost. In one generation, Hezekiah brings the people back into true worship and love for the Lord. He is able to hold off the destruction that has taken place for his Israelite brothers and sisters by removing all of the idolatrous practices from the entire country. Restoration is ALWAYS possible when we quit our detestable practices! A repentant heart moves God and full restoration is made.

This doesn’t mean that God just overlooks sin. His just and righteous character cannot do that. But Jesus has paid the punishment for that sin so we are always in a position for restoration. Turning toward God rather than away from Him is always met with a positive response from Him. Because of Hezekiah’s repentance and faithfulness, the entire nation was blessed. How will your faithfulness be a blessing today?