True God and True Man

Prayer:  Come Thou long expected Jesus
              Born to set Thy people free
              From our fears and sins release us
              Let us find our rest in Thee
              Israel's strength and consolation
              Hope of all the earth Thou art
              Dear desire of every nation
              Joy of every longing heart

Read: Colossians 1:19–23

Think about It: This week we have discussed the fact that Jesus was born of a human mother and raised by a human step-father. He comes to us as True Man. But today's reading displays yet another aspect of His make-up - He is also True God. It is one of the divine mysteries of the faith how He can be both equally at the same time, and yet He is!

The divinity of Jesus cannot be argued. There are those who would say that Jesus was just a good man. They may even call Him a prophet. But they are denying a vital aspect of who He is. Colossians tells us that in Jesus all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. This True God part of His character is what makes Him worthy to die as our Savior. Because of His position as God, he was able to carry our sin in His human flesh. While this is mysterious and outside of our human experience, it was true for Him and made Him our perfect Savior. God's plan knew no flaws and Jesus Christ, True Man and True God was able to provide for us the forgiveness of sins that we so desperately needed in order to save us from the path of destruction to which we are bound without Him.

Prayer: Born Thy people to deliver
       Born a Child and yet a King
       Born to reign in us forever
       Now Thy gracious kingdom bring
       By Thine own eternal Spirit
       Rule in all our hearts alone
       By Thine all sufficient merit
       Raise us to Thy glorious throne