Lifetime of Praise

Psalm 18

Today’s passage is long – and every Word is worth reading!

This Psalm harkens back to 2 Samuel 22 where we draw near to the end of King David’s story. Here we are treated to a passionate prayer that this poet speaks in praise to a God who has been with him throughout life. As you read this Psalm, keep your mind and eye open, remembering the bits of David’s life we have learned about. As you read these words, think of a young David facing the giant; think of a 20 year old fleeing for his life from a deranged king; think of a stream of battles and assaults as he comes to power and faces his enemies; remember the troubles with his children as they went their own way rather than God’s. Now we see a life lived for God, even in the midst of sin or bad times. Clearly, God is always in the center of David’s heart.

Do you remember the story of Jonah, the prophet who tried to run away from God’s calling? He is most famous for having been swallowed by a great fish. While he is in the belly of that fish, these are the words that He prays to the Lord! He actually recites some of Psalm 18! (See Jonah 2) At what he probably believed was the end of his life, Jonah too remembers God and takes the time to give Him praise.

The application here is pretty obvious. Every single one of us, no matter the circumstances of our lives, can look back and find innumerable reasons to praise God and thank Him for His hand in our lives. We serve a mighty God and there is never a time when we don’t owe Him praise and honor. Once again, David serves as an example of faithful living. Read the psalm  again and apply it to your own life. It would be a wonderful passage to meditate on all weekend, giving God praise and honor for the way that He has always been at the center of your life.