The Throne Is Passed

The reign of King David has ended as he graciously, peacefully, and decisively turns his throne over to the man he has chosen as his successor, his son Solomon.

David’s life has been, and will always be, worthy of study. He is called “a man after God’s heart” by God Himself. As we look back we know that David has been in no way perfect. His name is forever tied to that of Bathsheba and the hideous crimes committed against her husband. His role as father was clearly marred as we read the stories of incest, rape, murder, and jealousies. But at the end of the day, David loved God and tried to live for Him. David’s heart always turned to repentance (although sometimes that took a bit of time) and He never let his faith fall away. He faced a giant, a murderous king, those who wanted his throne, and family sorrows, all while holding onto the God who loves him. Despite his flaws, David was faithful.

Very few of us face the pressures of national leadership. But our lives are still filled with pain, struggles, disappointments, and sorrow. David proves that even when life is difficult, we can hold onto God and He will be faithful to us. Even when we sin, God does not abandon us to our plight. Instead He seeks us out and reveals our sin so that it can be dealt with on the cross. David stands for many things in the Bible’s story, but most of all he shows us what a faithful life look like and we marvel at his story because of it.