Victorious King

Prayer: Now sing we, now rejoice,
             Now raise to heav’n our voice;

      He from whom joy streameth,
      Poor in a manger lies;
      Not so brightly beameth,
     The sun in yonder skies.
     Thou my Savior art! Thou my Savior art!

     Come from on high to me;
     I cannot rise to Thee.
     Cheer my wearied spirit,
     O pure and holy Child;
     Through Thy grace and merit,
     Blest Jesus, Lord most mild,
     Draw me unto Thee! Draw me unto Thee!

Read: Revelation 1:12–18

Think about It: The Newborn King comes with humility and simplicity. He is humbled to the status of human rather than Creator. He is small and       dependent upon Mary and Joseph for His survival. We marvel at His birth and look forward to His saving work on the Cross.

In our reading for today, from the Revelation of John, we see a far different view of the Savior. Here He is resurrected from the dead and ascended to His throne. He stands in the center of His Bride the Church. He is dressed as Wisdom and King. His Word, spoken with truth and power, changes us forever. Rightfully so, John falls at His feet in awestruck worship. Jesus declares that there is no fear, for He has conquered death and sin for us. That Newborn Infant we revere is gone.

As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, it is important that we hold three pictures in our mind at the same time.

1. The Newborn King – humble and lying in a   

2. The Sacrificial Lamb – hanging on the cross for 
    the sins of the world

3. The Reigning King – victorious and eternal

Our Savior is all of these things – together at the same time. It is probably difficult for us to grasp all of these things together, but this is how He has revealed Himself to us through the Word. This is our King and our God. When the world tells us that He is not worthy of our attention and our adoration, they are wrong. And in the end, every knee will bow before His throne for He is worthy of such praise.

Prayer: Now through His Son doth shine,
            The Father’s grace divine.

        Death was reigning o’er us,
        Through sin and vanity
      Till He opened for us, A bright eternity.
      May we praise Him there!
        May we praise Him there!

      Oh, where shall joy be found?
      Where but on heav’nly ground?
      Where the angels singing,
      With all His saints unite,
      Sweetest praises bringing,
      In heav’nly joy and light.
      Oh, that we were there!
      Oh, that we were there!
Now Sing We, Now Rejoice . . . LSB 386 - Public domain