When I Have the Time, God

Prayer: Dear Lord God, You are sovereign over my entire life. Thank You for times of meditation and devotion. Thank You for Your perfect Word. Please Holy Spirit, enliven my reading, thinking, praying, and listening. Expand my understanding of Your Word and continue to mature my faith. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Read: Genesis 22:1-14

Think about It: This passage is so rich it is difficult to know where to even begin. We are  instantly drawn into the pathos of Abraham as he is tested by God in a most dramatic way. Inside of the details of this event is the stuff of obedience, faith, relationship, and prophecy. The mysterious God emerges in all His glory and the only thing we can do is bow down in worship.

Isaac, repeatedly referred to as Abraham’s only son, has grown into at least his teen years by the time this story takes place; possibly even young       manhood. This is important only because it means he was old enough and most likely strong enough to run away or even fight back (remember-Abraham is a pretty old man as these events occur) – neither of which he does. As we tout Abraham’s obedience, here so too we must recognized Isaac’s. Abraham and Sarah have had several years of life with this child of promise and all seems well. Then out of the blue God tests Abraham’s faith and reliance upon Him. Abraham’s obedience to God’s call to sacrifice Isaac is immediate. The next day he heads out with two servants and his son to accomplish the task set before Him. Honestly, most of us would have        procrastinated. We may not have been blatantly disobedient, but would   probably have done some major feet dragging. Things would have come up and we would have been just too busy to get right on that. Take home point number one – telling God you’ll get to it (whatever “it” is) when you have time is disobedience. God does not direct our lives so that we can think about   following Him. Either you follow Him or you don’t. Waiting until you feel like it or it is convenient for you is disobedience.

We are so used to choice and having everything the way we want it that when called upon to do something difficult, we schwaffle. (Yup – that word’s not in the dictionary – but you still know what it means.) We drag our feet and come up with excuses. But God gives us an example in Abraham. God speaks and Abraham moves – immediately. When we “schwaffle” what we are saying with that behavior is that we don’t truly trust that God has a good and holy plan. We are questioning His ways. That’s a decision that needs to be seriously examined and probably jettisoned.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, when I live in disobedience, please bring conviction. When I drag my feet or even go another way, please draw my attention back to You. I know that what Abraham and Isaac did was so very difficult, but they were obedient and You saw that as righteousness. Please create in me a heart that longs to obey and a will that is easily molded to Yours. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.