All the Space

Exodus 39-40

We have reached the end of Exodus – finally. It’s a long and important book. The story is compelling and the story is ours. The furnishing are completed and set in place. Finally the Glory of God “covers the Tent”. The glory of the Lord is so completely overwhelming that not even Moses can enter the Tent. God took up ALL of the space. And there is our final thought for the book of Exodus. God is supposed to take up ALL of the space in our lives. He graciously allows us to live full lives even when He is present with us. It is the perfect symbiotic relationship. We get to enjoy, experience, serve, love, relate – live completely when God takes up all of the space.

Because we are not in a puppet / master relationship with God, He allows us to relegate space in our lives to Him. He does not demand it. But life with Him is sweeter when He controls it all. Jesus was the only person to be able to fully extend Himself to the presence of God. Because of sin, we will not be able to truly experience that “allness” until we pass from this earth. But for those years on the desert, for the Children of Israel, they were able to see God in His full presence and in His glory. Their experience of that presence was as limited as ours, but it certainly would have been wonderful to get to lay eyes on that Tent and see God manifest Himself in the cloud/fire. The story of the Children of Israel continues right into 2016 for we are their spiritual descendants. His great love for them and His desire to protect and save them extends to us today and through Jesus Christ He has completed that work. Now we all wait for the final trumpet and our calling into His presence where indeed He takes all the space and we will be overjoyed to see it happen!