God's Plan Become Reality

Exodus 37-38

It would be nice if I had something clever to say about today’s reading, but I don’t. Those skilled by God Himself to complete the construction work of building the Tabernacle do so with exacting detail. God gave them the plans and they executed those plans. The reading is pretty straight forward.

I often wish that God would give me such exacting details as to how to proceed, and really, sometimes He does. It would be interesting to examine the furnishings that Bezalel made to see if he added any of his own creative ideas. I could argue both ways for that so will leave it alone. Suffice it to say, he did the work with his own hands, inspired and gifted by God to do so. I’m certain that God does the same for us today because I’ve experienced that in my own life. I’m always surprised when it happens and I guess that displays a weakness of faith. But it is pretty cool.

Next time you have to try something that seems beyond you, start with prayer and surrender. The text doesn’t say this, but I can only assume Bezalel created these furnishings with prayer and surrender. We have the same opportunities.