Matthew 8:5-13

The people who are following Jesus, listening to His revolutionary explanation of the Kingdom of God, and now observing as He displays power over disease, are about to receive a lesson in authority from a Gentile! Not only will Jesus display His power (authority) over disease, the Centurion will be the one to actually explain what it means to be under authority and to wield authority.

Why does it matter that Jesus possess the authority over disease (and nature and the devil)? The two natures of Christ are True God and True Man. If He does not possess this authority, His role as Sovereign God could be called into question. He is God, come to us in human form. But that humanity did not strip Him of His right to command disease to leave a body. Most remarkably, the Centurion understand exactly what it means to be the one who is in control and he explains that to Jesus and to all who would listen. Jesus commends him for his understanding and graciously grants his request because of his faith. Suddenly the Kingdom of God comes to the Gentiles in a very real way.

This is such an honest exchange between Jesus and this Centurion. The Centurion has a great need and Jesus has the power and authority to meet that need. Just as He met this man's need, so He has the power and authority to meet our need as well - whatever it is.