Matthew 8:23-27

The simple pericope that we study today is a favorite for many believers. Jesus and His disciples are crossing over the lake (The Sea of Galilee) to escape the massive crowds that have gathered to see Him heal people and cast out demons. While they are in the middle of the lake, (and this is a BIG lake) a fierce storm blows up, something for which the Sea of Galilee was famous. Naturally, the disciples are terrified. Drowning was a very real possibility. What is Jesus doing during the the storm? He's catching a nap!

So far in Matthew, we have seen Jesus display His sovereign authority over sickness and the demonic. Finally we see that He also possesses all authority over creation as well. We should not be surprised. He created it! It all He had to do that day was tell the wind to calm down it was an easy day! Amazingly, Jesus' disciples were surprised. They had seen Him heal people and defeat evil with a word. Their response to what they have witnessed is a little odd. "What kind of man is this?" But, they are new to this whole discipleship thing and were still getting to know what life with Jesus was truly like.

We are the same (because it is the Bible after all - and it all applies to us). No matter how well we think we know The Lord, there is always so much more to know. Jesus surprises me every day and I confess, I love that.