Demon Possessed

Matthew 8:28-34

This is another story in which it is easy to insert oneself. You can almost hear the screams of the demon possessed men. You can smell the herd of pigs and you can sense the awe and fear that falls over the witnesses to this event. As I read this passage in the Bible, what strikes me is that there is only one little two letter word that appears in red. Jesus speaks but on word and it's all over. There are a few things to note as we examine the story.

1. The demon possessed men are violent and strike  
    fear into everyone else.
2. Jesus is called 'Son of God'. These demons know  
    exactly Who they are speaking to and are forced 
    to address Him with His rightful title.
3. The demons accuse Jesus of a breach. Is He there 
    to cast them into hell before the final day? Of  
    course Jesus is guilty of nothing like that.
4. The demons come up with their own solution. 
    Clearly Jesus is not going to allow them to 
    continue to torture their victims. "Send us into the 
    herd of pigs."
5. Jesus speaks only one word. "Go!" They are 
    immediately dispatched into the pigs.
6. Text is silent as to why they want to inhabit the 
    pigs and why the pigs stampede off the cliff and   
    into the lake.
7. The townspeople are not grateful to have these 
    demons gone! They actually ask Jesus to leave!

What do we make of these things? Jesus power and authority are absolute. The pigs end up in the very lake Jesus has just "calmed". And not everyone believes just because they have witnesses something miraculous and amazing. Jesus is asked to go. The people want nothing to do with Him.

Just because we witness a miracles doesn't mean we are going to suddenly become believers. Miracles happen every day right in front of our eyes, and still many do no believe. But there are also many who hear the still small voice of God and respond with faith. The text is silent about the response of the men who were freed from the demons, but I'll bet they gave Jesus a second look!